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Welcome to the Xuanfa Dharmazentrum

As a buddhist center, we are dedicated to the study and practice of the Buddha Dharma. Founded in 2009 by Gongjue Tuji Rinpoche in Cologne, Germany, we have been providing access to the Dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III ever since. ‘Xuanfa’, Chinese for ‘spreading the Dharma’, is also the name of our non-profit institute based in Sanger, California. This is also where our spiritual place of origin, the Holy Vajrasana Temple, is located, picturesquely at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, between Yosemite and Kings Canyon Sequoia National Parks.
We aim to provide a friendly and supportive community for people who are on, or wish to learn about, the path of Buddha Dharma. Through our offerings, we help people develop a deeper understanding of Buddhist teachings and deepen their own practice.
Altar Xuanfa Dharmazentrum

Our Practice

At the Xuanfa Dharmazentrum we practice Vajrayāna Buddhism. In addition to studying the classical Mahāyāna sutras and commentaries, the Dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III form a central pillar of our practice. His Holiness’ Dharma discourses are concise and comprehensible, practical and effective. We study Buddha’s teachings, learn excellent Dharma practices, and try to realize the virtuous behavior of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in our daily lives. This process is also called self-cultivation.

Pecha Xuanfa Dharmazentrum

Our Activities

The activities of the Dharma center take place mainly online. Personal meetings, online or on site in Cologne, are of course possible by arrangement. Dates for retreats and other events will be announced in time. We are continuously working on the translation of important Dharma discourses from English into German, which will be made available online via our website.

The Xuanfa Dharmazentrum is led by Gongjue Tuji Rinpoche. He is the contact person for all questions concerning the Dharma Center, its practice and activities and is always happy to help.

Gongjue Tuji Rinpoche Profilbild

Gongjue Tuji’s Blog

Gongjue Tuji regularly publishes personal experiences, news and interesting facts about the Buddha Dharma on his blog.

Journey to the West: My search for the True Buddha Dharma

I came into contact with the Chinese classic “The Journey to the West” from the 16th century for the first time during my stay in China in 2004. Almost every child there knew the adventures of Sun Wukong, the high-spirited Monkey King, who sets off from China to the West with his master, the Monk…

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