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Gongjue Tuji
Gongjue Tuji
Gongjue Tuji, born in 1977 as Alexander Blazic, has been searching for a higher meaning in life since his youth. His spiritual path initially led him to Daoism. Through books, he gained a deeper understanding of this philosophy and spent several years learning Daoist meditation practices.
However, his life took a decisive turn when he traveled to China in 2004 during his university years. Despite his search for a Daoist master, a lay Buddhist crossed his path and changed the direction of his spiritual quest. This lay Buddhist revealed to him that Buddhism is much more profound. Impressed by this realization, he turned to Buddhism and found the answers he had been seeking for a long time.
The following year, 2005, marked an important step in his spiritual journey. He took the Triple Refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha at the Shaolin Temple in Berlin and began to practice Chan (the Chinese form of Zen).
In the years that followed, he deepened his practice but felt the need to find a master who could guide him in the practice. He found the answer to his search in California. In 2009, he met Zhaxi Zhuoma and took the Fourfold Refuge to the Master, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha with her. From her he received the Dharma name Amal.
Amal returned to Germany and founded the Xuanfa Dharmazentrum in Cologne. This place became a spiritual home where people could listen to the Dharma discourses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, at that time preliminarily translated from Chinese into English.
Soon after, in 2011, he was officially recognized as a reincarnated Rinpoche by a Commission of Holy Virtuous Ones invited by the International Buddhism Sangha Association. With this recognition, he received his new Dharma name: Gongjue Tuji.
Then in 2017, Gongjue Tuji achieved the milestone of certification as “Xing De”, Blue Button Grade One (i.e. Cultivating Virtuous One). This award is based on a comprehensive 100-question written test and virtue examination by the Holy Dharma Protectors.
Today, Gongjue Tuji still runs the Xuanfa Dharmazentrum and helps people on their path of the Buddha Dharma. He shares his devotion and provides spiritual assistance, in the hope that it may prove helpful to those seeking to understand and apply Buddhism in their lives.

Gongjue’s Story

In this video, Gongjue Tuji shares his own personal story of how he came to Buddhism.

This video has German and English subtitles.

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