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Journey to the West: My search for the True Buddha Dharma

I came into contact with the Chinese classic “The Journey to the West” from the 16th century for the first time during my stay in China in 2004. Almost every child there knew the adventures of Sun Wukong, the high-spirited Monkey King, who sets off from China to the West with his master, the Monk…


Gesang Suolang

Gesang Suolang Rinpoche’s Story

In 2020 my fellow Dharma sister Gesang Suolang Rinpoche (Margaret Park Esterman) published an article on the website of the Holy Vajrasana Temple in which she explains why she followed H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and the Vajrayana or tantric path after practicing Japanese Zen for many years. Gesang Suolang and Gongjue Tuji 2017 in…
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